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I mostly made this for reference for a school semester, but I decided I'd publish it as my first proper packal workflow. It may or may not be useful to anyone as it's a bit specific/narrow scoped, but here it is just in case.

An Alfred workflow to find temperature, speed of sound, pressure, and density at queried altitude, acording to the International Standard Atmosphere model.

Basically a python port of Matlab's atmosisa.


  • atmos <query> — Show values for altitude . Defaults to meters, but if query ends in f or ft, the proper conversion is made.
    • ↩ or ⌘+<NUM> — Copy result to clipboard
  • atmoshelp — Describe values.





Licensing, thanks
This workflow is released under the MIT licence.
This workflow uses the Alfred-Workflow library, which is also released under the MIT licence.

Also shoutout to deanishe's cookiecutter template
PackalDirect github download

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