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Search History in Alfred Browser like in zsh

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I have a set of workflows that I use to process videos on our website and attach SRT files to them. Usually I just up arrow to the one before the last command to recycle through them. But, I some times have to execute other commands in the middle. Then, I either have to retype the older command or up arrow until I find it. It would be nice to type in the first two letters and then up arrow through the history that only starts with those two letters. Just like I have my zsh configured to do.


For example: My History has:






The first two commands are the two that I cycle through, but I then disabled DwellClick with the dc:disable. To do the dp:next file, I would have to retype it or up arrow 3 times. But, with this feature I am proposing, I would type 'dp' then one up arrow and it will jump to the dp:nextfile command. In this example, it doesn't really save much time. But in other situations, it will.

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