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Help with Email Workflow (using Postbox)

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Hi all! I'm guessing putting this workflow together is easy for the computer savvy, which I am not! I'd like to have a hotkey that:


1) Opens Postbox (my email client)

2) Opens a blank email

3) Puts a specific email address in the to:

4) Puts a specific phrase in the body (the phrase is actually a snippet from Alfred - THAT I was able to figure out!)


The subject line will always change so I dont want the email sent automatically.


Any help is appreciated in advance, thanks!

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Assuming Postbox is handling mailto: links , you could create a workflow that would compose a URL like 




and then send it to an open URL action.


This means you'd need to pass both the email address and the subject line from Alfred - there are ways to do this, but they all require a bit of work.  See http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3890-help-with-multiple-queries-for-a-gmail-compose-script/?hl=%2Bmultiple+%2Bqueriesfor a discussion.

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In my experience, if you don't specify a subject in the mailto: URI, most email programs focus the Subject line in the compose window.


I confirm that's how Postbox works if you use the inbuilt Alfred email [contact] command. The email is opened with the cursor in the subject line...so it's probably easier to type it there rather than at an Alfred workflow prompt.


(I'm confirming simply because I use Postbox and so was able to test it.)



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