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Custom Web Search Workflow?

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I am still in the initial stages of adding a bunch of custom workflows since reinstalling everything after a fresh OSX install and I'm finding it cumbersome to go into alfred settings each time to add a web search. I usually just add them whenever they occur to me or when I visit a site that would have a handy search to use, so I'm wondering if anybody knows of a workflow to accomplish this all from a single line.

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You should have exported your old searches using the Copy URL for sharing button before deep-sixing your old installation. For that case, there's a one-line solution (plus a bit of clicking).


As things stand, you could try building alfred://customsearch/... URLs for each of your searches. Then you just have to open the link and confirm the installation for each one. Unless you have a huge number of custom searches, I'm not sure that'd save you any time, however.

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