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Some basic Google search questions...


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Some basic questions regarding searching in Google with Alfred.


- My main browser is Chrome. If I do a search with Chrome open, it creates a new tab with the search.

However, if Chrome is not open, the Alfred opens Chrome, but does not pass the search to Chrome.  How can I get it to open a new tab and pass the search to Chrome?


- Prefer not to have to type "Google" each time before launching a search. If I dont, AND there is no item on my local computer with a similar name, then the search automatically goes to Google, but if there is a local item with a similar name, it won't. Is there a way to set a shortcut or other quick way to tell Alfred that I want this to be a Google search, not a local one?


Thank you...

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  • That's an issue with Chrome, not Alfred. Alfred doesn't even know what your browser is. It just asks OS X to open the URL, and it passes it to your default browser.

To directly go to a Google search, use the keyword defined in Alfred Preferences > Features > Web Search. The Search Google for 'XXX' you see when there are no local results is one of Alfred's Fallback Searches (Alfred Preferences > Features > Default Results > Setup fallback results).

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