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Screen Sharing with automatic network discovery

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The computer you're currently using is excluded from the list as it does not make sense to start a screen sharing session to the same machine.


When I say 'my computer' I do mean one of the many I operate on. Not just the local one which I'm aware is excluded.

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Terminal appears to see it



Browsing for _rfb._tcp


Timestamp              15:30:22.145

A/R                           Add

Flags                        2

if                               4

Domain                   local.

Service Type          _rfb._tcp.            

Instance Name      daniel-server
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Hm.  I just downloaded the newest version, and there is a lag that wasn't there before (should have stuck with the old version that was working for me... oh, well) now when i type vnc it takes about 1 second to load the hosts, whereas before it was pretty much instantaneous.  any fix? or a way I can revert to the older version?



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Previous version:



Please keep in mind that under Mavericks network discovery is slightly delayed. Chances are high that this version doesn't detect all your screen sharing enabled machines.


The latest version which works well with Mavericks is linked on the first page.

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The local network discovery works, I can see all my available computers but when I launch Screen Sharing it can't connect (from my Mac with 10.10.2 to another Mac with 10.10.2)


When I look into it I don't think there's anything wrong with the workflow because Screen Sharing can't connect to recently used connection either. I can connect by launching Screen Sharing from Finders share screen button. But I can't reuse that same connection again.


(Btw, the file ending in Screen Sharing recent meny is ".vncloc", I think it used to be ".local" but I don't know if that has anything to do with this.)

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That's odd, this workflow isn't supposed to handle recent items. To summarize, you see a list of hosts after typing vnc in Alfred but then it fails once you want to connect to a host, is that right? For me it still works, which makes it hard to debug.

Can you give me more details, e.g. what are the exact names of the computers you try to connect to?

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Correct. Lists all the machines with .local after their names, but clicking one gets "Connection Failed". Same thing happens if you use Screen Sharing's Recent Items, although their names end with .vncloc. Connecting via Finder works fine, as does using the ScreenSharingMenulet app...

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Is there any way to add a favorites list? I don't care much for any local discovery - I just have a specific url I want to connect to using a shortcut name rather than typing out the url. Thanks. If there's a way to do this, please explain simply as I am very new to this. 

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It looks like Apple moved Favorite Servers to a new location. I got it to work with a script filter using a combination of python and JavaScript



Workflow here:




Just type "vnc" and it'll list out your favorites. No search as of right now.


For those curious how to get favorites in 10.11 El Capitan

items = $.NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchiveObjectWithFile('<INSERT HOME DIRECTORY>/Library/Application Support/com.apple.sharedfilelist/com.apple.LSSharedFileList.FavoriteServers.sfl')

items = items.objectForKey('items')

itemsCount = items.count

var to_ret = []

while (itemsCount--){

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