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Batch workflow metadata update and export


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I've created a handful for workflows that we use at my office and I would love to have an easy way to batch export and update the metadata so that i can share them with people. 


Right now when i make a change export the workflow to disk and email it to people.  It would be great if there was some way to automate this or script this out.  so i could just run


alfred -package workflow_name outputFile


and then upload the workflows to an internal server or something like that.


It this possible or just wishful thinking?




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Here's the build script I use.
It's tailored to Python and the Alfred-Workflow library, so you'd probably want to change it (i.e. it excludes Python-specific files from the build and reads the workflow version number from a version file, which Alfred-Workflow expects to be present).

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So I ran your script and it seemed to still be picking up my .git directory which is odd.


I added 

        dirnames[:] = [d for d in dirnames if not d in ['.git','.idea']]
right after this block of code
 # build workflow
    command = [u'zip']
    if not verbose:
    for root, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(u'.'):

and it worked for me.  Not sure if this is helpful feedback - but :)

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