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Search files attached to email


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I am fairly new to Alfred and I am at the moment trying to discover all it can or can not do for my personal and professional workflow.


Here my wonder is to understand if it's possible to search for files attached to emails ? If yes, how to do so for the Apple Mail app and for AirMail ?

So far, I couldn't even find an email in fact. I have unselected "Emails" from the "Don't show" list in File search >> Search, but so far, it is not working.


Any help would be much appreciated here.



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Searching attachments should work if you add the appropriate folders to Alfred's Search Scope. For Mail.app it's ~/Library/Mail and for Airmail it's ~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.airmail2/Data/Library/Application Support/Airmail (it might be airmail3 on your system).


This will also enable you to search Mail.app emails using File Search, but not Airmail ones because it doesn't store messages in a format supported by the system metadata indexer (which Alfred and Spotlight both use).


You could also use a File Filter to specifically search emails and/or attachments. That might be a good idea for attachments, to keep them separate from your own documents.

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Hi deanishe,


Thanks for pointing me to the right direction, this worked perfectly by adding the folders. I also have been able to search for emails (not in Airmail as you mentioned, only in Apple Mail)


A quick precision though, can it show me the email to which the file has been attached for Apple Mail ?


On the file filter part, you mean I could do as explained on this page and create a keyword or hotkey after which Alfred would only search inside Airmail and / or Apple Mail ? Sounds like a good idea, will give a try, especially since I use Airmail for my professional emails and Apple Mail for my personal one. So it would make sens to have a specific hotkey for work related re-search.



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