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How can I search my clipboard histroy for arguments I want to use to my script filter?

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Hi All,

  I have looked on the web for the answer to this and have not found what I am looking for.  My problem is this:

When I start a workflow execution that requires and argument, I want to search my clipboard history for that argument.  Since I have already called up alfred with 'Command'+'space' and typed my workflow in, when I go to input the argument needed I want to again enter 'Command'+'alt'+'C' to search my history for the argument.  Once I do this, alfred's state change to the clipboard history and I can't return to where I was before with the start of the workflow.


Of course the workaround is to make sure the argument I need is already the first item in my clipboard history so I can easily just paste it in without searching, but it would be nice if I could search.  It decrease my error rate during clutch situations for sure.


Let me know if I am not clear in my question.




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I don't have the anwer, but if I had your problem, I would start with

1. getting clipboard history text from ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb


2. If successful with 1 then

    use script filter so that you can search by typing in Alfred window

    perform desired action on the selection

    end if  :)

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