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I Sheet You Not: Plug Excel into Alfred

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2 hours ago, Ghost0 said:

Would love to see this integrated to work with GSheets as well..


In technical terms, that's entirely unrelated to how this workflow works, so you're basically asking for a parallel reimplementation of much of what the workflow does.


I'm not going to do that. Implementing the OAuth authorisation is already more complex than this entire workflow, and I'm also sick of dealing with Google and their ridiculous requirements for releasing applications that use their APIs.


You might consider writing a script that exports your Google Sheets to Excel files and then pointing this workflow at them.

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I think you have just saved me weeks, heck, months of saved time, given how many times a day I no longer need to perform time-consuming searches for something I have now stored inside a dedicated Excel spreadsheet, that is a mere few keystrokes away...



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