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1Pasword - filter Bookmarks - possible?

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Hi, I am using the latest version of Alfred 3.1 Build 718, Tuesday 30th August 2016 including the Powerpack (which simply ROCKs!!) :-)


Now, I am a professional web designer, and I have right now 727 1Password Bookmarks, because of the many Credentials I need to keep in place for clients and such. 


Now some of these bookmarks are bookmarks I would never need being able to call them on Alfred. These are for example FTP-Credentials. I simply store them in there too, to have all in one place. 


But as soon as I enter a domain, also these FTP bookmarks of 1Password show up, which makes it pretty confusing.


So my question is, if there is a possibility to filter the1password bookmarks, that are going to be shown in Alfred.


In my specific example, I would filter out all FTP Passwords, which would then help me to find for most domains I have the login credentials much faster, without the confusion of the double domain entries for FTP/Login Credentials.


 So if there is away, how to achieve this that would be really helpful, making my work flow even faster, without the described confusion.


 If there is no such way, please let me know where I can suggest this in order to have ever Alfred-Users life getting a little easier. :-)


Thx, Arne

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I'm afraid that's not really possible, at least not with Alfred's native 1Password support.
The way 1Password integration works is that 1Password exports a JSON file containing the ID, name and URL of its bookmarks to ~/Library/Application Support/1Password N/3rd Party Integration/bookmarks-default.json (where ~ means your home directory and N is the 1Password version) and Alfred reads that list.

I'd say this issue is primarily a 1Password one: it exports bookmarks regardless of whether they're valid or not. So really, it's an issue for AgileBits.


But there are a couple of ways you could work around this.
One option would be to write your own script that makes a copy of the bookmarks-default.json file, filtering out the unwanted entries, then point Alfred to your filtered file instead of the default one. It's straightforward enough to monitor the 1Password file for changes and update your filtered list when it changes.
Alternatively, you could turn off Alfred's 1Password support and create a workflow to filter the bookmarks instead. This is going to be more complicated that option one, but you'll have more control over the results. You could implement fuzzy search, for example, or if you want to get really fancy, show site favicons instead of the default 1Password icon.
If you'd like to try either of those, I'd be happy to whip up a sample Script Filter script for you if you can give me some details on what you want excluded (e.g. URLs that start with ftp://).

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