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Turning off "Use ← and → for folder navigation" doesn't work


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Alfred 3.1/OS X 10.11.6

While discussing the above-mentioned option, I turned it on and then back off.

Turning the option on and then off results in the right arrow key no longer working for "Show File Actions". It just does nothing.

I had to restore my .alfredpreferences from Time Machine to make Alfred work properly again.

Also, what is the key for File Actions when this option is on?

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Duh. You are absolutely right.


Turning on "Use ← and → for folder navigation" in the Navigation tab turns off "Show Actions: →"  in the Actions tab.


In an attempt to appear slightly less stupid, I'd like to attempt to shift some of the blame by suggesting that Alfred should point out that fiddling with the Navigation options may affect settings in the Actions tabs (and possibly others?).


Also, I've had a couple of beers…

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