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How to Incorporate Alfred Variables into NSApplescript?

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Hello all-


I'm quite new to the var/arg step in Alfred, but what I need to accomplish is this:


Keyword to input first query, in this case {first name}.

Store first name value as variable.

Second input to be stored, in this case {last name}.

Store last name value as variable.

Pass Alfred variables into NSApplescript to be converted to applescript variables.  


I understand that you can simply use q as the variable for a single input, but how do you reference multiple Alfred-stored variables in the applescript?


Thank you so much.



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Hi there,


This thread really belongs in the Workflow Help & Questions forum, which is where I'm going to move it to.


The answer to your question is hopefully in the [HOW TO] Workflow/environment variables stickied thread at the top of that forum.


If you're still not clear on something, let us know.


Also, I'd recommend using a Run Script Action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) rather than Run NSApplescript. The reason is that the latter runs on Alfred's main thread and thus blocks Alfred until it completes.

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