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I want to create a basic workflow (I am a beginner): 


1. Select a folder, and run "make"

2. To show as output if the command worked (e.g., there is a makefile in the folder), otherwise to say that the folder didn't have any make file. 


So, I have a file action (in this case a folder), and then a script (/bin/bash) with: 

cd "{query}"

But, nothing happens. Any ideas and suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks so much!



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When make fails, it writes the error message to STDERR, which ends up in Alfred's debugger. Alfred passes STDOUT to the next workflow action, i.e. your Post Notification.


Not sure about the output of the commands make calls. I think that would depend on how the commands themselves behave.


You could try redirecting STDERR to STDOUT with make 2>&1 so everything gets passed to the next workflow action.

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