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I would really love a workflow that will show my active tags in a list view


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With hazel, I started to make use of my finder tags and now I wish there was a way to quickly search and find through the right tags. 


The native method built in with alfred is not enough as I have to try and remember the name of the tag to filter though.


It would be amazing, if I can call the 'tag workflow' and it will show a list view like this : 






But instead of months, it will be my tags : 







Pressing on one, would allow to make a search scoped to the tag. Can such a thing be done? 


Thank you a lot for any help. This would be really useful to have for me and I hope few others.



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Oh wow, that's strange. These are the tags I have : 




And this is what I get from the list : 




So I guess it shows all the other tags I once had. Is there a way to filter to only ones I use currently, the four there? Or perhaps more if I do decide to add more to the tags?


Once that is done though and I have my list view of correct tags, how do I make a search only on that specific tag?


Thank you a lot for your help, deanishe.



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