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spell/define not working in Sierra

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Since I upgraded to Sierra the 'spell' feature no longer works. Every word is now "not found". I was using Alfred 2 and just now upgraded to 3, however spell still does not work.


The preferences window is showing me a list of languages to choose from, so at least some portion of the feature appears to be working.


Any ideas?

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@ileitch With the language set to "Default" in the dropdown menu, do you not see any results when typing, for example, "spell mouse"?


In both Alfred 2 and 3, this should work perfectly fine in Sierra, so there may be some corruption in your Dictionary itself. If you launch the Dictionary app, which languages appear at the top of your window? And can you search for any word and get the definition/spelling appear there?


Let me know and I'll see if I can help further, but this feature should work normally :)



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