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search not working correctly


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I tried that, and it doesn't work. 


I tried long ago to set up a File Filter for ~/Library/Logs. Can search the files just fine in Finder, but Alfred can't "see" most of them, "show system files" or no.


I can't recall right now whether mdfind worked or not.

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added in search scope


but folder "database" contained in ~/devon-think is not shown in Alfred.

Reload Aflred cache

No change in result.


Checked "Include folders in Home"

"database" folder and its content appear in search


Unchecked "Include folders in Home"

results disappear again


edit 1: however, there is no change in the behaviour of ~/Libaray/Script Libraries after checking "Include folders in Home"


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@rounak Alfred's cache only applies to applications and preference panes. Reloading it has no effect on other types of files. The "Include folders in Home" says right underneath it "Excluding ~/Library"…


The files in ~/Library/Scripts are marked as system files—as Andrew described above. To search them, you need to use a File Filter with the "Show files marked as System Files" option selected. That option doesn't exist for the default scope, so there's no way to get scripts in ~/Library/Scripts in your default results.


If you use a lot of AppleScripts, this workflow might be useful. It also knows about application-specific script directories.


@Andrew I double checked ~/Library/Logs. mdfind can't see any of the log files in there, either, so I guess they're not actually indexed. Finder lets you search ~/Library/Logs by filename, but not by content.

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