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It would be nice if you add these features to the clipboard:


1. Selectively delete items from clipboard with backspace

2. Edit items in clipboard (text only)

3. Add an option to remember more then 3 months, so we can select how much we want to ( -1 indefinitely for example)






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@sinisa In answer to your suggestions:

  1. You can delete single items with Fn + Backspace
  2. This isn't planned, as the clipboard is intended to retain things you've copied, not to be an editor itself. Simply paste what you want to modify, and copy it again when you're done making changes.
  3. This is very much intentional, as the clipboard database could get much too large (as everyone likes turning the volume up to 11, users would set their clipboard to infinity even if it's not necessary, and wonder why the clipboard database becomes so unwieldy) As soon as an item is used or copied again within the three months period, its timestamp is updated and becomes available for a further three months.

If you need access to something for a longer period, it may be worth creating a snippet for it. To do this, select an item in your clipboard history and press Cmd + S to save it as a snippet. You'll be able to give it a name, a keyword and assign it to a category. :)



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Hell Vero, 


Thank you for your kind reply. 


1. I didnt know that option to delete from clipboard exists, i couldnt find the keyboard shourtcut anywhere :)

It would be great if the shortcut is described somewhere here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/cheatsheet/ or here https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/ 


2. As for editing items, in clipboard, its was something i was used to do often with "copyq"... it is just really useful..


3. For database - ok, not really that necessary, but i would like to be in the control of the "length" of it.


Best regards,




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