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Option to include AppleScripts in Default Results doesn't work as expected


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Selecting the option to include AppleScripts in Alfred's Default Results does not work as you would expect it to because scripts saved in the standard locations (~/Library/Scripts and ~/Library/Application Scripts) are marked as system files and thus won't be shown in Alfred's default results under any circumstances.


That is to say, if you do the most reasonable/logical thing and save your scripts in the standard folders (where other applications, like Mail.app or FastScripts, expect to find them), add the folders to Alfred's Search Scope, and then check the AppleScripts option, nothing happens…


I believe the current situation (with AppleScripts being one of the default options under Extras) strongly implies that the above would work. Certainly, this has come up repeatedly on the forum, @rounak being the latest to run into it.


My suggestion would be to remove AppleScripts from the Extras section or replace it with a separate, "smart" Application Scripts option that includes the default script directories, finds scripts marked as system files, and also finds .applescript and .scptd (i.e. text and bundle format) scripts in addition to .scpt ones.


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