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Using {query} inside "Please Wait" Subtext [Fixed b178]


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I want to show the user's query inside the "Please Wait" Subtext. I tried using {query}, but it shows an ellipsis instead of the actual query.


Using the latest v2 (166), Mac OSX 10.8.


Could you give an example of when you would use this?


I've moved this to feature suggestions as it's not a bug report.

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It's just useful for providing better feedback, e.g. for Google Autocomplete you can say "Searching for {query}…" rather than something like just "Searching…".


I wasn't sure if it was a bug or a feature request, but I went with bug because currently Alfred replaces {query} with an ellipsis, so it recognizes it, but does not replace it as it should.

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Update: seems you can't use {query} for the Placeholder Title or Placeholder Subtext either. You could argue it's not as useful for the "Please Wait" Subtext, but it should at least be possible to use {query} for the Placeholder Title.

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