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Better Tab-Complete in file browser

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The only thing keeping me from using the Alfred File Browser all the time is this:


When I select a folder using the arrow keys and press tab, the browser does not jump into that folder.


I know I can press enter to enter the folder (heh), but I dislike that for the following reason:

When I copy/move a file to another location, pressing enter on a folder copies the file to that folder, and does not descend into the folder, so using enter is no thing i want to get used to, because it might do something different in a only slightly different context.


ATM, tab-complete only works when the completion is unambiguous and does not respect items the user selected with the arrow keys at all.


An alternative to using tab would be to make enter work the same way everywhere, so to select a folder to copy a file to, only right arrow would be allowed, but i don't think that's necessary.

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Okay I guess it does make sense to have the function that tab currently delivers.


I would love to have the option to make Enter always do the same though. So even when choosing a folder to copy/move a file to, I'd like Enter to descend into a subfolder, and use only the right arrow to choose the folder.

I believe consistency is a very important thing to get users to accept shortcuts, and "Enter descends into subfolders except when I am choosing a copy/move target folder" is not very consistent so please please add an option for this? :)

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