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When actioning a selection, don’t overwrite the clipboard


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I was under the impression this had been discussed before, but am not being able to find it.

Currently, when we enter file selection or use a Hotkey with Argument: Selection in macOS, the last clipboard entry becomes whatever our selection was. Would it be possible for the clipboard to not be overridden (or at least be immediately restored once Alfred is done with what it needs from it)?

My use case is a workflow for text replacements. Specific example: I copy a piece of text to the clipboard; select another piece of text in a document; press a hotkey; the result is [selected_text](text_from_cipboard). A gif exemplifies:



It would be expected that these two connected nodes would suffice:




However, since the last clipboard entry becomes whatever our selection was, by the time Alfred outputs the text, it has already become [iA Writer](iA Writer), which is no good.

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