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Search in one site with keywords list

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Hi, I am a designer and for my job I need sometimes to find a bunch of pictures for my design presentation.

I've read several thread regarding this but I think I am still clueless as to how it works. Maybe just need some one to point me to the right direction.


What I am looking for:


I have a small list (10-15 words) with keywords on txt file:







And there is one site which I want to open in standard browser (safari) with this list of urls: 







What is the best way to do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Quite simple to do, you need only loop through each line and tell them to open (when given a URL, this will open in the default browser):

IFS=$'\n' # to prevent problems if a line has more than one word separated by spaces

for line in $(cat '/path/to/file'); do
  open "https://www.shutterstock.com/search/${line}"

Made it into a workflow. It uses a File Action, so select the txt file you want and pick quickopen.

Give it a try and see if there’s something you’d like a bit differently or a more detailed explanation.

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7 hours ago, Yuri said:

Wow! Thank you! It works well. I am going to buy you a beer :-)


Thank you, I appreciate it.


7 hours ago, Yuri said:

How can I add time lag 1-2 seconds between requests?


You simply add a sleep 1 (or however many seconds you want) line inside the loop.


I’ve uploaded a new version of the workflow that adds a two second delay but also adds URL escaping (in case you ever have non-ASCII characters in your file, it will still work).

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