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File 'Quick look' suggestion.


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This has always been something that bothered me. I'd love if if I could preview/navigate the search results just like you can on Finder.


In finder you press space (or what ever) to preview and then you can use arrow keys to move to another file without having to close and open the preview window in between.


If I'm trying to find a file based on the visual contents in Alfred I have to basically:

  1. Shift ( Open )
  2. Shift ( Close )
  3. Arrow Down
  4. Shift ( Open )
  5. Shift ( Close )
  6. Arrow down
  7. Shift ( Open )
  8. Shift ( Close )
  9. and so on... until I've found the file I'm looking for or I ran out of files to preview.


It would be easier if I could just press arrow down (or up) while the preview window is open.

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