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Alfred 3.2 Beta: {cursor} macro problems [Fixed 3.2.1 b763 pre-release]


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When the {cursor} macro is used in a clipboard paste (not a text expansion), the cursor doesn't make it to the point if {query} is after {cursor}, but does fine if the {query} is before {cursor}. The trace back isn't taking into account the size of the {query} string.


Also, not sure if this was in the intent, but the {cursor} macro can't be inside the {query} from the previous action. This latter would be a preferred path of action. 

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  • Andrew changed the title to Alfred 3.2 Beta: {cursor} macro problems [Accepted]
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  • Andrew changed the title to Alfred 3.2 Beta: {cursor} macro problems [Fixed 3.2.1 b763 pre-release]

It is working for me, but this version has some of my workflows not working. My s3cmd workflow quit copying an output of a script to the clipboard. The debugger shows nothing coming out of the script box, but the script box unconnected to anything does have the proper output. Very weird.

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Sorry. Been a little busy. I can't get the console or debug unit to show anything. This is a workflow I use everyday since Alfred 2 first edition when I wrote it. I haven't changed anything on it since Alfred 3.0 when I updated the scripts to use the environment variables. You can download it from my GitHub account:   https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/Alfred 3/s3cmdToolkit.alfredworkflow


The s3c:list command lists all of the folders on Amazon S3 that it is setup for. When you select ctrl on one of them, it give the web address which it simply calculates with the S3 header address assigned and the name of the bucket in question. The script simply connects them together in a string and sends to a "Clipboard" block to put in the clipboard. Everything goes to the script, but nothing goes to the clipboard box and nothing is shown on the debugger. The 4 other lines seem to work, but the one with ctrl doesn't. I can't get the debugger to show anything at all.


Since it was working fine before this version, I was assuming it had something to do with this build.



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I just tested with the setup in the attached image. If I hold ctrl when actioning the result, it takes the bottom route and "testing not holding ctrl" is copied to the clipboard, else it takes the top route. Both seem to be working as expected.


Have you tried going back to 3.2 (from the website) to see if the behaviour has changed. I just spent 30 mins doing a 3.2.1 code review and can't see anything which should affect this flow.


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.30.02.png

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Okay. I testing with a similar setup. It must be an interaction with some other program. I just closed every program other than Alfred (well, the best I can). It seems to work that way. There must be a program I've updated about the same time Alfred updated. Actually, I believe most of my program has updated. I'll track down the program that is interfering and give them a yell. 


Sorry, I just assumed it was the update since it happened at the same time. My bad.

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