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Actions and files of a folders from Alfred bar.

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I am trying to move 10 .jpg files from one folder to another folder using the Alfred bar ONLY. 


I typed the name of the Folder my photos are in and from there I realised I can't add them in a buffer. :mellow:


I couldn't search for each of them and add them in a buffer as I do not know their names. (i.e 12222278678578485.jpg, 176456373.jpg, ...)


For the moment, I still have to use my File manager, select the files and use the "move to..." action. 

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what do you mean about not being able to add the files to the buffer?

You should be able to navigate the file list using the arrows and use alt-arrow up to add the current file to the buffer

or use use alt-arrow down to add the file to the buffer and move to the following file (faster)

and then use alt-arrow right to action them all


or maybe I have not got your question?



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You are absolutely right!


I forgot my specific configuration (2 macs). I can't add files in my Mac mini Alfred's buffer from my MacBook. 


Making me realize, I already asked the same question months ago...

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