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Force Keyboard doesn't work after Alfred restart


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I have installed two custom keyboard layouts by Ilya Birman (http://ilyabirman.ru/projects/typography-layout/, hit big yellow button to download). Force Keyboard option is working when it set after Alfred start. After Alfred restart it shows in options correct value, but it doesn't enable correct layout. In order to make enable Force Keyboard I need to select again right keyboard layout despite it already selected. I've recorded a video showing a problem http://take.ms/RNdJS At first Alfred is running and option is set — it's working, then I quit Alfred a launch it again — Force Keyboard isn't working until I reenable it.


Issue is presented from Mac OS X 10.9 till macOS 10.12.1. Alfred version affected from 2.x till 3.2 [759].


This issue was already reported, but it isn't fixed for years :( 


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