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Add to Things 2/3 workflow

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Add to Things workflow. Supports date parsing for easy input.


t title #tag @t|n|s ::note >duedate (ex. fri, 3d, 2w, 12/31) - create things todo

tm title #tag @t|n|s >duedate - create todo with clipboard contents as a note


- Syntax
    - #tag : tag
    - Focus : default location is 'Inbox'
        - @t : @Today 
        - @n : @Next
        - @s : @Someday
    - ::note : note
    - > duedate
        - > : today
        - > 2d : two days after
        - > fri : next friday 
        - > -1d : one day before 
        - > 11/23 : November 23





t test  > fri (next friday)

t test  > 2 (2 days after)

t test > 1w (1 week after)


GitHub Link - latest version



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Thanks for putting this together! Echoing picky here: this is such a well-designed workflow; I wish I'd come across this during the Things 2 era. This does seem to still work with Things 3.0.1 (just released today) except for sending to the Today view. (and obviously @n doesn't send to Next view anymore since Next no longer exists)

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