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Clipboard inputs append to .txt

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Hi, I've read several thread regarding this but I think I am still clueless as to how it works.


What I am looking for: a workflow which will append any Clipboard inputs to my clipboard.txt document.


What is the best way to do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

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1 hour ago, dustying said:

The download link is not working for me.


That’s because it was on a temporary host, seeing as it was a quick and dirty workflow. It’s fairly easy to recreate, hence the screenshot. @Yuri do you still have it, to share with @dustying?

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@Yuri, @vitor Thanks so much!! Got it working. My coding knowledge is limited to basic html/css/javascript but I think I can figure out how to add a line break and markdown line to this as well. Thanks again!!

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