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Bug with iOS beta

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When you decide to install beta software, it should be understood things might break or not work as expected. That’s why betas are released separately. If you only have to reinstall when a new beta is released, it’s unlikely the issue is something that needs to be fixed on Alfred’s side. If it has problems when the stable version is released, then it’s a concern.

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@HRD Quite to the contrary, Alfred Remote hasn't been updated in over a year *because* it IS bug-free and therefore hasn't required any updates to keep working smoothly for Alfred 2 & Alfred 3 users.


Throughout the Alfred 3 updates, new objects have become available for workflows, which can then be triggered via Remote. As two examples off the top of my head, when Alfred 3 got the new Sleep Displays system command or when we added cursor positioning to snippets, these features were automatically made available to Remote without the need for updates to the Remote app itself. :)



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@HRD Vero isn't suggesting corruption at all (having said that, betas have been known to all but brick devices so YMMV). 


When you say that you need to reinstall Alfred Remote, what do you actually mean. As an experienced iOS user, and a registered Apple developer, you must appreciate that you have provided practically no information about what you are experiencing, and seeing as this hasn't been reported by other users, all we can do is guess what could be happening.



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5 hours ago, HRD said:

The fact that other users haven't reported it is meaningless.


It means there’s a chance the issue happens because of your specific configuration, which is indeed meaningful. In maintaining homebrew-cask I regularly encounter bug reports no one on the team is able to reproduce. Invariably those are caused by some problem on the user’s machine and not homebrew-cask itself.


I’ll also make abundantly clear right now I do not speak for Andrew or Vero (Alfred’s “parents”) in any way on this, but reading and rereading Andrew’s last comment, the only thing I see him mention is that since you hadn’t given any detail and no other users reported this issue, there were effectively zero data points to derive a cause to your issue. Nowhere was it implied that your issue wasn’t relevant because no other users encountered it.


Again, I speak for myself an only myself, here, but all your replies read as if you’re exasperated with the situation, and I find that unwarranted. All of us are trying to help you and figure out where the problem truly lies. No comments were given to be dismissive, but to provide context. Everyone is treated with respect in this community.


If I was wrong in my assessment, I’ll reinforce the notion this is in no way a critique. All of us in this thread want the same thing: to have the root cause of your problem weeded out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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