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Does a Workflow for Stickies Exist?

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Hiya Everybody,


I've had Alfred app a while, but only touched the surface with search. Now having upgraded to V3 I'm having a play with Alfred, I'm all very new to this Workflow mindset, I've downloaded the Notes workflow and its working like a dream but is there a workflow for Stickies on its own and I'm thinking out of the box here for Stickies & Notes, i.e. If I create a Stickie can it duplicate it in Notes?



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Hiya Deanishe,


Thanks for the reply, thats all I want to do is create a new Stickie, is it just a case of editing say.... the Notes Workflow? I've never written code before, so pardon my ignorance. 

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I don't know. It depends how you want the workflow to work.


The simplest thing is probably to create a new sticky from the clipboard contents, by putting the following in a Run Script (Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS)) action and connecting it to a Keyword or Hotkey trigger:


tell application "Stickies"


    -- wait half a second for Stickies to come to the front

    delay 0.5

    tell application "System Events"

        -- simulate N

        keystroke "n" using command down

        -- wait half a second for the new note to be created

        delay 0.5

        -- simulate V to paste clipboard contents to new note

        keystroke "v" using command down

    end tell

end tell

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