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using Alfred with 1Password

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I would like to resume using Alfred with 1Password, now that there is apparent compatibility between Sierra OS 10.12.1 and Alfred 3.2.

I went to Alfred preferences and checked  "enable 1Password". I then created "1P" as my keyword for invoking 1Password.

Unfortunately, that does not work for me. I press command/ then1P and 1Password is not enabled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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@hawkmonitor First, could you please ensure you're using 1Password 6.5, which was released recently? You'll also need to ensure the "Integrations" checkbox in 1Password's own preferences is ticked to allow Alfred to have access to your bookmarks.


Next, launch Alfred's preferences to the 1Password tab and, if you don't see any of your bookmarks listed in the large box and there's a notice that your bookmarks are not found, click the Advanced button in the bottom right. Check the "Discover automatically". If it's already checked, uncheck and re-check it. This should allow Alfred to find the most current version of the shared data from 1PW.



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Hello VerO:


Thanks for the prompt and clearly written reply.

No success, but I am getting closer.

Am running 1Password 6.5  Yes, the "Integrations" checkbox  is ticked.  Yes... in Alfred's preferences to the 1 Password tab discloses my bookmarks.

However, when I type command/ by designated action key and then type "1P" and then the beginning of the name of the bookmarked site I want to visit, I still do not get there.

Probably something I am doing wrong, but I don't know what it is.


By the way, did you know that Sir Winston Churchill's sculpture will be returned to our While House in January?

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