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Any.do Task workflow

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I recently started using and enjoying Any.Do for keeping track of my tasks.  This workflow requires you to enter your email and password (in the keychain) so that your tasks can be emailed to do@any.do.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments as this is my first workflow and Im not super confident in it.




I came to the realization that I didn't properly describe the steps.  The email and password you enter are for the email account NOT you any.do account.  This limitation is unfortunately do to the fact that there is no external API available any.do and the workflow must send an email from the email address you signed up with.


Ive also updated the link to print the exception if there is an error. 




Added a anydo-reset command to remove associated account information.  This should help those that might have been confused by my lack of explanation or who are concerned about account storage.





Im going to keep emailing the people over at any.do till they add some sort of API or I break down dig through their chrome extension to reverse engineer their todo list.


One thing that this is missing is the ability to clear your account information.  If you have any ideas on how that will be best serve let me know.



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it can not work.

input right account, add a new task, I can not see it at Any.do for Android.


I had a feeling that might happen.  I think it might be the fact that I didn't include smtplib or email.  Are you guys able to open the workflow folder in terminal?  If so can you run python anydo.py RANDOM.  In the mean time Ill try to get better error handling in there.

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I don't understand which email and password to input? i have tried my any.do account data and my email data and neither seem to work, 


can you help





I just realized a huge flaw in my workflow.  I only accounted for gmail accounts.  That was a pretty big assumption to make.  Ill have a new one up by end of day.  Sorry about that.

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Great workflow.  I got it working and I'm enjoying it.  But I wanted to know if there was a way to add a the tasks sent over email to the "Today" category rather than the "Someday" category, such that they can be processed with any.do moment.  Any thoughts?


This may be an issue for the any.do team, not your workflow.  But I figured I'd ask.

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Thanks for your work.


I would love this workflow to work. I just started using Any.Do and this is the key I think. Alfred workflows to fire tasks off.


I'm a newbie at coding but I'm pretty good with computers. I've plugged in the info but my username and PW are denied.


I can, however, log in to Any.Do with that information. 


It's brilliant, but sadly, I can't get it to work regardless.


I'll watch this thread, I'd love to see an extension that could do this come to life.



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