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Workflow to open a website, crawl a value by xpath and return it as a result in Alfred

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I am just new to Alfred and trying to write some workflows that I can use. 


The use case I am facing a lot is, opening  a page and checking the value of something. I want to write a script that opens the page, crawls the value by xpath or regex, and prints it as a list item in Alfred. This sounds like a very common case, so wanted to ask if there is a tutorial or sample code for this..

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Here's a workflow that scrapes results from a webpage and shows them in Alfred.


Here's a tutorial on writing Script Filters (i.e. showing your own results in Alfred) and here's a tutorial on web scraping with Beautiful Soup. Beautiful Soup doesn't support XPath, but it does support regexes and a subset of CSS selectors.


You can use XPath selectors with lxml, but that can be a bit of a pain to install on OS X.

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