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Getting results from terminal command

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Ahh. OK. Is that going to be something like...


tell application "Terminal"
    do script "ssh user@host.com"



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No. If you run it in Terminal.app, the output will be in Terminal.app.


If you want the output in Alfred, you need to run the script in Alfred.


Put the exact same script in a Run Script action and set language to /bin/bash (i.e. the Bourne Again SHell).


If you need to enter a password, you'll have to add an additional action to ask for it first. Or better yet, set up key-based ssh access.

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Ah, wait. That won't work because you're relying on the fact that Alfred pastes the script into Terminal, so lines 2+ get sent to the server.


You need to re-write your script as a proper ssh command. See here.

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