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Cmd+Opt+] Keybinding wierd macOS Sierra for JIS keyboard


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I'm using brand new mac book pro (macOS sierra 10.12.1) and Alfred 3.2 [759] with JIS Keyboard

I'm not sure this is only related to JIS keyboard or not but when I push Cmd + Opt + ] while Alfred 3 is running,

it just works as os general copy command ( Cmd + C ). I tested on builtin Memo App and Sublime Text 3.

I'm pretty sure this is caused by Alfred3 since I checked this in safe booting macOS not running any application but Alfred3.


I love this product and use it regular basis. please check what this problem is and solve.

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Oh its simply gone!

For your information, the settings for "Features > File Search > Actions preferences (at the bottom)" and 

"Features > File Search > Navigation preferences (at the bottom) " was both assigned as [ Opt + Cmd + / ]

which I never reproduce. (same hot key cant be assigned so...) 


Anyway thank you very much!


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