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Dual Finder windows

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So the original workflow only show the first window, and my script only shows the second. And neither is throwing an error. Fantastic…


I can think of two more things. It's probably completely pointless, but could you use Exposé to check that the other window really isn't there (i.e. offscreen somewhere). And if that doesn't work, try rebooting. Sonst bin ich mit meinem Latein am Ende :(

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Did you try rebooting? That fixes weird problems surprisingly often.


2 hours ago, tosbsas said:

Sch**** ade


Schokolade? Good idea.

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yes I tried rebooting - some thing - windows opens in the right corner and jumps down to right lower corner. No second pane visible. 


Looks like I need TC developer to make a Total Commander for MacOS

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, deanishe said:


Don't know that, but there's:


  1. Marta (free; this is what I use for moving stuff around)
  2. Path Finder
  3. Commander One
  4. ForkLift


Know them all, don't come close :-(( and xtraFinder is dead in Catalina -grrr

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6 hours ago, tosbsas said:

Know them all, don't come close :-((


Shame. Sorry, but I have no idea what else we could try to fix the script for you, or why it might be going wrong. It's difficult enough to fix a problem you can't replicate for yourself, and when there's no error message, either…

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