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Launching Alfred preferences via a keyboard shortcut.

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I want to create a basic workflow that opens a few web pages and Alfred preferences using a keyword. 


I know this is possible as I created a workflow that only opens Alfred preferences in the past. But I can't make it this time. I think maybe I am trying to open the wrong file. Should I open the Alfred preferences file in my Dropbox file (I sync my preferences with Dropbox) or the one in my ~/Application Support/Alfred folder? Or any other file?


Thank you. 

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17 hours ago, Andrew said:

Also, don't forget that you can type "preferences" in Alfred, which by default will show a result to launch Alfred's preferences.


17 hours ago, politicus said:

@Renato This a very simple and very specific to my needs workflow.


You can create one specific to yours very easily. 


It is just a "Inputs: Keyword" action that fires a few "Actions: Launch Apps / Files". 







Ok, Thanks 

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