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Wake up after sleep with remote?

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I just try the remote. I paired with bluetooth. I works fine. I love this feature very much, because i´m often in the situation that there is no wifi, but i have to present some slices within keynote. The Alfred remote command works fine when i send the command to sleep the computer, but after that, my macbook pro won´t wake up, if i send a new command. Is this a know issue, or what do you know about it?

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@bossa Apologies for the delayed reply, I somehow missed this thread. 


This is a tricky one. With a wifi connection, the behaviour is more predictable; if you've set "Wake on Network" in the System Preferences > Energy Saver, Alfred Remote will be able to wake up your Mac, connect to it and send a new command, after you've slept your Mac either from Alfred itself or from Remote.  


Bluetooth is much more temperamental; it can depend on which version of OS X and iOS you're using, and you may find that you're unable to connect or wake your Mac. I'm on El Capitan, and I can't even get my Mac and iPhone to Bluetooth to each other (in Sys Prefs, completely outside of Alfred), so for more reliable behaviour, you'll be much better off using wifi :)



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