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10.000ft workflow for Alfred (only tested in Alfred3), the aim is to make working with 10.000ft faster.


In june 2016 I wrote the first versions of this script (up to 0.4). It was a very simple first version as a research project to learn python. It was not really meant for distribution. But it saves me a lot of time every working day and I like to share this with other Alfred enthousiasts and hope to get some feedback and learn more. I am curious if you like it, just try it, let me know what you think or report a bug  if you encounter them :-). I am happy to help with questions.





  • Saves your API key secure in the in the OSX Keychain
  • Gets realtime data (and saves it in cache) from 10.000ft using the API
  • Submenu with options for every project
    • Open the View and Edit page in browser
    • Time & Fees reports for projects
    • Archive or Delete projects directly from Alfred 
  • Filter for 'My projects' (based on tags)
  • Force update data which dumps projects cache


Download the latest version from Packal. Most up-to-date information (changelog, issues, credits) can be found on Git.


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