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Workflow idea: Quizlet.

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After trying Cram, StudyBlue and Anki, I am a big user of Quizlet. (A flashcard manager). 


The problem I have is the following. I often want to add a new flashcard to a specific set in quizlet.com which means I have to:

- open quizlet.com

- search for the right set,

- open the set, - click on one more button so I can edit the set,

- crawl to the end of the set,

- select the left box,

- type my text,

- hit tab to select the right box,

- type my text,

- hit another button to save my changes. 


What a long process to only add a few words !


As Christmas is coming, dreaming is allowed :), I had in mind the following concerning adding a new card to one of my flashcards sets: 


- I fire the Quizlet workflow with a keyboard shortcut I previously defined

- I select the set I want add a new card to by typing its first few letters 

- I hit enter

- Once the set is selected, I type the text I would have typed in the left box

- Hit enter

- I type the text I would have typed in the right box

- Hit enter


New card added! 


As some work with the Quizlet API (https://quizlet.com/api/2.0/docs) is required (= way beyond my knowledge). If one of you is interested in developing such workflow...


PS: I sent this idea to Quizlet support. Waiting for their answer. 


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It's been noted many times before, but I suppose it bears repeating:


This isn't a five-minute job, so you're much more likely to get your workflow if you at least try to implement it yourself and ask for help rather than straight up asking someone to do all the work for you. 

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