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Combine workflows? Using 1password in custom worfklow

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I've built a workflow where I can write the command:

t www.domain.com


and then it opens www.domain.com in the browser and additionally www.domain.com/administration in another tab.


Is there a way that I can make it happen that www.domain.com/administration logs into an account that is defined in 1password? Or make 1password open the domain and login?






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To get 1Password to auto-login for you, you have to add the appropriate 1P command to the URL.


You need to parse the bookmarks-default.json file in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/3rd Party Integration, find the appropriate hash for the URL, then add it in the onepasswdfill parameter.


So, if an entry in bookmarks-default.json looks like this:


Then you need to add the hash to the URL and open https://www.domain.com/administration?onepasswdfill=6426A85E67B35015DF5C6A55085CC186

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