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Clipboard Keyboard Shortcut

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I am having a consistent issue with the keyboard shortcut on macOS Sierra.


I have bound the Clipboard History Shortcut to





(I have used this with another app for years - it is basically hardwired now)


However, after a reboot the shortcut does not work. 


The only way I have found to get it to work is to go to 




Then change the Sync folder 


It is saved in Google Drive synced using inSync (not Dropbox - I saw a thread saying this could be an issue)


What i have been doing is changing it to a tmp folder, then changing it back. 


This drives me a little nuts - any help much appreciated 


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@tjhole Based on what you're describing, the first variable to remove is syncing via Google Drive using inSync to see whether this is getting in the way of preferences being correctly saved. 


Could you please try setting your sync location to somewhere local (e.g. a folder on your Desktop), re-setting your clipboard history shortcut to the one you'd like to use, then restart your Mac to see whether your preferences are retained as expected?


Let me know how you get on. :)



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