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Why the current trashing behaviour? [Fixed 3.3 b787 pre-release]


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If I’m not mistaken, Alfred’s Delete action has changed in version 3. From what I can gather (and the man page of trash can be credited with these insights), Alfred used to ask Finder to trash files, but now it uses a system API to do it. It seems that with this we:

  • Gain speed. I’m basing this on what I read on trashes manual. I don’t see this as relevant, though, as I never had any complaints on the speed of Finder trashing items.

  • Lose the trashing sound. Small thing, but important to me. It’s more reassuring than the notification, and more consistent with the rest of the OS’s usage.

  • Lose the “put back” feature. This is big. It essentially means we lose easy undo to trashing files. Depending on how many files we trashed and how many we already had there, this can make the difference between losing those files or not.

  • Lose stability. This is another big one. It is not unheard of that I delete something using the new behaviour and even though it is deleted, the Finder doesn't see it. This means my target can still be seen where it was and not be seen in the trash even though it is what happened. Basically, this system API is buggy when interacting with the Finder.

To me, any of those last two is reason enough to revert to the old behaviour, and the last one is why I’ve made this post a bug report (not Alfred’s fault, but a bug that can be worked around nonetheless). I never had an issue with the old one, why was it changed?

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I agree with this and I actually raised a ticket the other day to look into reverting this and the other file actions (copy / move) back to telling Finder and using AppleScript. It would also re-sort the issue of moving apps to /Applications/ where permissions need to be elevated, and App Translocation fettling by Finder to take place.


Leave it with me, this is likely to be sorted.




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  • Andrew changed the title to Why the current trashing behaviour? [Fixed 3.3 b787 pre-release]

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