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How to create external trigger in Alfred for 'Selection in macOS'

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In cases like this, I usually post an automated snippet:


“When making a request or a bug report pertaining to a specific workflow, please do not open a new thread to discuss your issue.

Making a new thread, while it seems like it’ll give your problem visibility, will only fragment the discussion and make it less likely the author and users of the workflow (the people that can actually help) will see it. Instead, search for the official post of the workflow and ask your question there.

Also, please always start by reading the Reporting Problems with Workflows thread, and the others it links to.”


This is the first time I’m doing it for one of my own workflows, though, and it is still quite valid. By posting it here I got no warning you posted this, I only saw it because I open every new post on the forums. It’s safe to say the vast majority of authors do not do that.


Moving on, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? That workflow is meant to be called on a text selection, there is no point to an external trigger.

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Well it was a general question of calling external triggers with text selection in mind thus I didn't open it on on the official workflow forum thread. 


Since I call all my workflows from Karabiner now, I wanted to also move text selection triggers to an external trigger if I can.


I think I can simulate cmd + c copy in applescript, save it to variable, and pass it to argument of the script. Perhaps there is another way to do it though.

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