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Exporting clipboard images


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It would be very cool if I could save the screenshots I take with cmd+shift+ctrl+4 that are stored in Alfred clipboard history. 

Currently the only way for me to do that is to paste it somewhere (like github comments) and then download the image



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Added ctrl since it's the shortcut that adds the screenshot to clipboard
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Adding a reply to an old thread, tyring to bring this back in 2018!


I'm still doing this, but I'm doing this through github, which is pasting the image from clipboard, waiting for it to upload and then right click and save.


Would still love the option to be able to save/share the clipboard image (like the file actions work with a right arrow)

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Beside @deanishe suggestion to use the native shortcuts, you can use Preview to create an image file from the image in your clipboard. Just copy an image as you want, then open Preview and create a new file using "File -> New from Clipboard" in the menubar (or CMD+N). Then you should see your image and be able to save it in the format that you want.

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@GuiB I... didn't know preview could do that.

Which is awesome since it has a shortcut (cmd+N)


So the flow now is like so :

I open Preview.

I open clipboard history and find the image I want to "export" to a file.

I hit return to put this image back into my mac clipboard. (Nothing happens visually, but the image is restored in my clipboard)

I hit CMD + N (new from clipboard) and save the image.


It's only slightly better then pasting into Github, but I'll take it!


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