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Is there an URL Scheme to go from Alfred Contacts Notes to Contacts profile?

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I want to make a Contacts custom action that when activated on notes of the user (arrow below) : 





I wish it would go instantly to the contact profile of that user. This one : 




This would be incredibly useful for me. Thank you a lot for any help.




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Another solution, which for me would be even better is to allow a new modifier action for 'contact searches'. So for example I search for a contact name like so : 




Pressing on it with no modifiers will bring the minified contact viewer like it does now. But pressing on the contact with a modifier key like control + return, would open that contact page in contacts for editing. 


This would save me a lot of time as currently if I want to edit something, I have to go to contacts app, search for the contact and only then can I edit it. This would allow me to go and edit the contact's info instantaneously.


Thank you. I hope this would be possible to do and add. :)

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Wow. Yep, it would be. Thank you. Was there any documentation on it or I just didn't look good enough? :)

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