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Show Alfred's result in Large Type


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I have a workflow action that searches GitHub. 




I call it with Karabiner and as a way of documentation, I show the actions as subtext to the action like so : 




If text is large enough, it gets truncated with .... I know I can press a modifier key and hold it and have the text I specify here appear : 




However for me I wish I can just show that whole result in Large Type with a hotkey. Right now pressing cmd + l would show what I have typed in the window in large type which I find pretty useless. I wish I can press cmd + l to instead show this result selected in large type. It would be really really useful for me. Can such a thing be done already perhaps?


Thank you for any help.


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Showing it as large type will take the focus from Alfred, meaning you’ll have to call it again. A better option might be to show it with Quick Look (Features → File Search → Previews → Quick Look).

You can’t do it with a Keyword, but you can do it with a Script Filter. It has a quicklookurl property. Make a text file with the details of your options and press the Quick Look shortcut to preview the file.

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Well although Large Type does take away focus from Alfred, it can be restored by pressing cmd + l again. :)


I found a solution for it though. I will just use 'context' area to show the other part of my message. 




Thank you for your help @vitor

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