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Alfred can't find any applications

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I am using Alfred 3.2.1 after resinstalling in the hope that a fresh indexing would solve the problem.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, /Applications is included in the Search Scope, but

Alfred cannot find any applications (e.g. iTunes), only giving internet search options for the search



Thanks in advance for tips/support.



Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.04.18 pm.png

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So when I attempted to rebuild my metadata I was shown the following

"Error: unknown indexing state.


In a few moments, macOS will start rebuilding your metadata index.


Press any key to close Terminal and continue..."

after pressing enter:



[Process completed]"

After which I closed terminal and can no longer click the "Rebuild macOS Metadata" button in the advanced tab of Alfred's settings.

Any idea on how to solve the unknown indexing state and get the rebuild to work properly?


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You can't click the "Rebuild" button again because the system is already rebuilding the index. This can take several hours (it has to read and analyse almost every single file).


On earlier version of OS X, clicking the Spotlight icon in the menubar shows you a progress meter if the index is being rebuilt.

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