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Create a new text or image file, automate name dating & location

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I would love to add my workflow to assist those able to help me. Am I correct in understanding Alfred Forums only accepts images?


My challenge as a newbie is to create a file to save product purchase keys, either as screenshot images or text in a clipboard, or manually typed.


I use ^$ to initiate Alfred asking me if it is a txt file or an image file.


I then name it and it finishes before I get a chance to do anything else.

product purchase key.png

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I like the way Workflow iOS app works on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/workflow/

What is Alfred replacing Dropbox links with. How do I get assistance with Alfred Workflows?


Perhaps I could simply ask, I don't know if I have a screen shot or text. If I wish to create a new file with a screen shot, how can I do that in Alfred?

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Put the workflow in your dropbox, right-click, choose "Copy Dropbox Link" and post it here. That might work better.


This is the right place to ask for help, but it's usually not possible to help with a broken workflow without the workflow.

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Thanks deanishe. I appreciate you assisting. I note your dry wit, the good news is I followed your advice... even before you suggested it :)

Hopefully you can see my second post with the Dropbox link?

The issue a couple of responders posted back with was it provided a 403 error?


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That works.


There are a few issues. I can't "fix" the workflow, as it isn't complete (You're using a bunch of variables that don't exist to create the file—in {var:path}/{var:name}.{var:type} only type is always set).


So, your first pair of filters are incorrectly configured. You've entered "Only continue if filetype is equal to…". That tests the string "filetype", but you want the variable filetype. Change the filters to read "Only continue if {var:filetype} is equal to…".


Now that's changed, you can get to step 2.


Your second level "image" Keyword should have the "Argument required" option set.


This is where the workflow stops working because, as noted, some of the necessary variables aren't set. name is set along the top branch, but not the bottom. Neither sets path.

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